End-to-end, tailored
AI Solutions are best

To maximize accuracy and ROI, a custom approach is key for AI Solutions. Our team of highly-skilled Data Scientists, Machine & Deep Learning Engineers has delivered so far 30+ successful AI Solutions for various use cases in different industries.

Our unique recipe for successful AI Solutions

Tailored approach

Each use case is unique and requires a dedicated attention to all the underlying aspects

Think out of the box mindset

Standardization, reproducibility and automation are key to test and optimize ML algorithms

Scientific-like way of working

To overcome the most challenging situations, we put the focus on creativity and innovation

Close ties with research

Awareness on state-of-the art ML algorithms to deliver cutting-edge AI Solutions

Get your first results within 6 weeks only!


Acculturation, Data Discovery and Ideation

Main AI concepts, where it applies and principal outcomes. Quick glance at the availability and quality of your data. Overview of the quick-win use cases with the best ROI for your business.


Data Engineering and Training of ML algorithm(s)

Close collaboration between your team, our Data Scientists and our ML Engineers to build your data pipelines. Once ready: Machine Learning A/B Testing and Hyperparameter Optimization.


Deployment, Scaling and Support

Get your production-ready MVP (on the Cloud or On-Premise) and start to use your AI Solution. Let’s automate, predict and optimize now with AI!

Why choose SquareFactory for your AI Solution?

  • Simplicity and Profitability

    Quick and measurable ROI out of the most relevant use cases. Yet simple does not mean simplistic: our team loves to be benchmarked to deliver optimum results.

  • 100% Flexibility on input data

    Our experts bring value even on unstructured and disparate data. With us, you are more AI-ready than you think. Really!

  • 0% lock-in: no IT/DevOps skills needed

    Once delivered and optimized, you can use your AI Solution on your own without our support.

AI is not a maze. It’s just amAIzing! Contact us now for your AI project.

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