End-to-end, automated MLOps platform.

Build, train, deploy and monitor machine learning models at scale.

Intuitive. Fast. Purpose-built.

End-to-end project, model and hosting management platform, which allows companies to convert data and algorithms into holistic, execution-ready AI-strategies.

For data scientists

Build, train and manage models securely with ease.

For engineers

Create products that consume AI models from anywhere, any time.

For C-level execs

Minimize risks of AI investments, while increasing strategic flexibility.

Deploy and host ML models into production, automatically and at low cost.

time savings

Allow data scientists and engineers to focus on output, not on deployment issues.

productivity boost

Get more from your data and create better AI-centric products.

time to benefit

Fast-track your AI and data strategy, from idea to production in one month or less.

Productize, scale and consume your AI models from anywhere.

  • DevOps free

    Completely automated model testing, evaluation deployment, scaling and hardware load balancing.

  • Multi-inference support

    From real-time, low-latency, high-throughput inference to batch, long-running inference.

  • Integration-ready

    Rich and fully documented APIs, SDKs, endpoints and cookbooks, including re-billing API keys.

  • Fair pricing, end-to-end governance

    Pay-per-second-of-use model, with an SLA, and full governance, monitoring and auditing tools.

Build and train ML models easier, faster, cheaper.

easier setup

Make ML projects more accessible to a broader audience within your organization.

not hours (or days)

Reduce training time with data wrangling, job parallelizing, and hardware optimization.

cost reduction

Automate and standardize MLOps practices, while lowering computing costs.

Unify, optimize and manage your ML training projects.

  • Project, model and billing management

    Intuitive interface that acts as a unified hub for managing projects, creating and visualizing datasets, and training models via collaborative and reproducible workflows.

  • Hyper parameterization optimization

    Data wrangling, neural network architecture tuning, automaticated capturing of training input parameters, configurations, and results.

  • Data and model parallelism

    Data parallelism across multiple powerful hardware nodes and clusters. Model parallellism for large models. Supercomputing approach (RDMA, NVMesh etc.)

  • Framework agnostic

    Compatible with all major open source tools (e.g. TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, Jupyter Notebook, Julia etc.), languages (R, Python etc.) any use cases.

Deploy how you want

iSquare is infrastructure agnostic. This means it can be deployed on any hosting infrastructure, depending on your company’s needs, policies or ambitions.

DeepSquare HPC Cloud

Recommended for immediate benefits, maximum performance, hyper efficiency, lowest costs and complete data privacy.

Third party cloud providers

To get you started on your existing cloud infrastructure. You can always migrate easily, at a later stage.

On-premise / private cloud

For your complete peace of mind. Trade-offs are a given.

The best performing and sustainable infrastructure for iSquare

Distributed, sustainable HPC clusters supporting advanced machine and deep learning workloads.

Learn more
  • Distributed, heterogeneous supercomputing, elastic and scalable, as a service
  • Cloud infrastructure built specifically for AI and MLOps
  • Strategically located for geographic and environmental hyper-efficiency
  • Low cost, correctly-sized, pay-per-second-of-use model
  • Optimized for maximized performance, thanks to distinct capabilities such as CPU-only, GPU/FPGA cluster etc.
  • Utilizes renewable energy and the latest advancements in cooling technology and heat recovery to ensure the highest level of sustainability and reduced energy demands.
  • Complete data sovereigny and privacy: end-to-end encryption, turn-key in-country dedicated clusters, outside of Cloud Act reach

Accelerate your AI strategy.

Whether you are building AI products or looking to improve internal processes, iSquare is for you.