Lausanne, Switzerland, 21 February, 2022: Alpine Intuition, an AI products and services provider, and Cohesive Computing, a company specializing in deep learning and high performance computing (HPC), today announce that they are merging to create SquareFactory, a full-stack AI-as-a-Service company.

The two companies share a common heritage; both were formed by post-graduates from the prestigious École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), one of the top 20 engineering universities in the world. They have now decided to unite forces to deliver a unique AI-as-a-Services experience.

SquareFactory will offer a full end-to-end MLOps platform for training, deploying, and hosting AI models cost-effectively, at scale, as well as consulting and development services to help businesses to efficiently implement AI solutions and help them transition to the new era.

The global enterprise spend on AI-related solutions will break the $500 billion mark by 2024*. However, there are still a lot of pain points for companies using AI technologies, notably in the training and deployment of models. The end-to-end MLOps platform from SquareFactory, called iSquare, allows companies to train, host and deploy ML models into production automatically and at low cost.

In fact, the company can point to up to 70% time savings – with as little as one month time-to-value – and five times productivity improvements using its platform compared to manually deploying AI models.

SquareFactory is a Partner of the DeepSquare Association that promotes a sustainable High Performance Computing ecosystem and delivers HPC-as-a-Service. The company provides to the Association development and consulting services, with main focus on the HPC Cluster Management software suite. SquareFactory will leverage the DeepSquare grid to deliver efficient and sustainable AI solutions to its customers.

Sergio Giacoletto, who was a Board Member at Cohesive Computing and an advisor to Alpine Intuition, as well as an early investor, will become Chairman of the company and interim CEO. Mr Giacoletto brings decades of experience operating as a senior executive in the technology industry and was previously Executive Vice President for EMEA at Oracle and vice-Chairman of Temenos.

Commenting on the merger and his appointment, Sergio Giacoletto said:

“I am extremely excited about this merger and the prospects for SquareFactory. Using artificial intelligence is critical for any company to build and sustain competitive advantage in the information age. However, for most companies it is prohibitively expensive and complex to do so. This is why SquareFactory is so well placed. Its end-to-end platform for training, deploying and hosting AI models democratizes the use of technology and significantly expands the size of the addressable market. This is an opportunity that I find so compelling that it has brought me back into full-time work. I look forward to leading the team to realize the massive potential for SquareFactory.”

*Source: IDC

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SquareFactory is an enterprise AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS) company whose purpose is to make AI available and affordable to any company in a sustainable way. We achieve this by providing highly specialized services and technology solutions that enable businesses to create and implement data-driven strategies, automate data analysis and safely leverage artificial intelligence.

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