The easiest way to train and deploy AI models

Serverless multi GPU model training and scalable inference hosting for your machine learning models. Without DevOps skills.

Intuitive. Fast. Purpose-built.

End-to-end project, model and hosting management platform, which allows companies to convert data and algorithms into holistic, execution-ready AI-strategies.

For data scientists

Build, train and manage models securely with ease.

For engineers

Create products that consume AI models from anywhere, any time.

For C-level execs

Minimize risks of AI investments, while increasing strategic flexibility.

Build and train ML models easier, faster, cheaper.

easier setup

Make ML projects more accessible to a broader audience within your organization.

not hours (or days)

Reduce training time with data wrangling, job parallelizing, and hardware optimization.

cost reduction

Automate and standardize MLOps practices, while lowering computing costs.

Without iSquare

Up to
12 months

Average time it takes for companies to properly train and develop AI/ML models.

Up to

Average setup cost for most companies to deploy their AI models at functional scale..

Up to

Average cloud cost wastage due to oversized or idle hosting instances for AI models.

Up to

Average time wasted by data scientists on AI training inefficiencies and deployment issues.

With iSquare

Within a
couple of days

Launch your training on multiple GPUs at the same time. Deploy a fully trained and operational model faster than anywhere else.

No additional set-up costs

Our training and deployment platform is a turnkey solution. Directly start training or deploying your models today. No extra costs..

Pay only for what you use

With iSquare you only pay for the compute you use. Not training or running a model? No compute costs. Simple.

Focus on what is

It just takes a few minutes to get used to our platform and launch the first training and deployment.


No DevOps skills required. Your team can focus on what they are good at.


16x faster time to training and 34x faster time to deployment. Time is money.


Don’t waste money setting up instances, pay only for what you actually use.

The easiest way to train and deploy AI models

Model training

Training models on the cloud an on multi GPU has never been that easy

Serverless GPU / CPU training

AI deployment & hosting

Inference hosting

Deploy your AI models into scalable APIs in minutes instead of months.

No DevOps or MLOps skills required

Model training

Intuitively and efficiently train machine learning and deep learning models easier, faster and at low costs.

  • Simplify the way you train ML/DL models

    Focus on hyperparameter optimisation; not on building DevOps/MLOps pipelines.

  • Speed up the time to results:

    Drastically reduce the time to train models, from hours to minutes, by leveraging data and model parallelism.

  • Save up to 70% of costs:

    Leverage our purpose-built, high-performance computing infrastructure and pay-per-second-of-use pricing model.

Model deployment

Instantly and affordably deploy AI models for any application anywhere, at scale.

  • Deploy in hours, not months

    Fast track deployment of AI models into production by automating optimizations and benchmarking.

  • Put your time to better use

    Save up to 25% of a Data Scientist’s time that would otherwise be spent on fixing deployment issues.

  • Make hosting cost flexible and transparent

    Benefit from our Fair Pricing pay-per-second-of-use model, underpinned by an AI-optimized infrastructure.

  • Trigger models at any time

    Get immediate responses thanks to real-time model inference architecture.

Productize, scale and consume your AI models from anywhere.

  • DevOps free

    Completely automated model testing, evaluation deployment, scaling and hardware load balancing.

  • Multi-inference support

    From real-time, low-latency, high-throughput inference to batch, long-running inference.

  • Integration-ready

    Rich and fully documented APIs, SDKs, endpoints and cookbooks, including re-billing API keys.

  • Fair pricing, end-to-end governance

    Pay-per-second-of-use model, with an SLA, and full governance, monitoring and auditing tools.

“iSquare reduced our costs and increased our flexibility. But, most importantly, our business can now scale.“

Timothée Savoy
Co-founder at Datacie