About Us

Square Factory is an enterprise AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS) company whose purpose is to make AI available and affordable to any company in the world, in a sustainable way. We achieve this by providing highly specialized services and technology solutions that enable businesses to create and implement data-driven strategies, automate data analysis and safely leverage artificial intelligence, at low costs.

Square Factory traces its roots to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL), where a group of highly-skilled computer sciences post-graduate engineers was inspired to make artificial intelligence available to any company.

Becoming involved in the Alpine Tech project, a Swiss leader in computational power services, the core team became experts in commercial GPU data center setup and optimization, cryptography and machine learning. Alpine Tech further expanded into blockchain-based services, including crypto mining.

Subsequently, the team went on to found two separate companies.


Alpine Intuition – a company providing highly specialized research and consulting services around AI and Data management which eventually built iSquare, a fully automated platform to deploy and host AI models.


Cohesive Computing – a company specializing in deep learning and high-performance computing that launched csquare.ai, a highly efficient ML/DL Training Platform built from the ground up
on a dedicated cloud infrastructure and HPC clusters.


Seed round of CHF500k raised by Alpine Intuition, was used to accelerate business and product development. The Advisory Board was appointed and Sergio Giacoletto was appointed Chairman of the Board.

DeepSquare Association – the HPC hardware infrastructure business of csquare.ai is spinned off into a token-backed, decentralized HPC cluster association, allowing csquare.ai to focus entirely on its software platform solution.


Square Factory gets created from the merger of Alpine Intuition and Cohesive Computing. iSquare re-launches as an end-to-end, unified MLOps platform allowing data scientists and engineers to easily build, train, deploy and monitor AI, ML and DL models.


Meet the team

We bring together world-class engineers and computer science experts, as well as seasoned leadership and growth expertise in enterprise software and emerging technologies.

Berat Denizdurduran

Chief Technology Officer

Arnaud Maestripieri

Chief Executive Officer

Sebastian Savidan

Head of Sales & Services

Christophe Lillo

Head of Infrastructure

Florin Dzeladini

Head of Innovation

Jean Gschwind

Lead Machine Learning Engineer

Emil Oleg Gelfort

Sr. Machine Learning Engineer

Ogier Bouvier

Software Engineer

Julien Schneider

Software Engineer

Léonard Favre

Machine Learning Engineer

Yanneck Von Imhoff

Machine Learning Engineer

Adrien Devresse

Software Engineer

Clarisse Tarrou

Software Engineer

Marc Nguyen

Software Engineer

Valentin Pollart

Software Engineer

Xavier Beaudouin

Software Engineer

Sabrina Vesco

Back office

Boards of Directors

Sergio Giacoletto

Chairman of the Board

Frédéric Juillard

Board member

Diarmuid Daltún

Board member


Francis Veldeman

Corporate Advisor

Luciana Broggi

Board Advisor