AI Expertise to boost your AI journey

Lots of key AI aspects require a relevant experience as well as in-depth knowledge. Our AI expertise is highly valued by our clients in all the critical steps of their AI journey. Our whole set of skills and experience also allow us to act as a subcontractor of choice should you want to outsource the setting-up, deployment and monitoring of your Machine Learning projects.

Data Management Expertise

  • Data collection

  • Data Preprocessing

  • Data Wrangling

Machine Learning Expertise

  • ML Engineering

  • ML Deployment & Scaling

  • ML Monitoring

  • Advanced ML troubleshooting

Latest projects where we applied our AI Expertise

A lot of our projects are confidential, therefore we cannot publicly disclose them. Do not hesitate to contact us directly to know more about our broad range of AI expertise.

Computer Vision

AI for Biotech: automated experiment analysis (event detection, segmentation)

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

AI for Pharma: simulations of experiments for faster drug discovery

Time Series Analysis

AI in SportsTech: AI-enabled training solution for athletes

Industry Applications

Our company’s AI and data management expertise encompasses a wide range of applications, ensuring enhanced efficiency and innovation in various industries through advanced technologies.


In the media sector, we’re eager to assist you in harnessing the power of AI to transform your data into actionable insights, optimizing audience engagement and refining content management for a dynamic and influential media footprint.


We are here to assist healthcare professionals by integrating advanced data wrangling and machine learning in analyzing health data and medical images, aiming for quicker and more accurate disease diagnoses.


Our team is ready to support retail businesses in leveraging machine learning for image recognition and data analysis, improving product categorization, recommendation systems, and visual search on e-commerce platforms.

Autonomous Vehicles

We offer our expertise in ML deployment, scaling, and troubleshooting to aid in the development of safer and more efficient autonomous driving systems through improved data management and image analysis.


Allow us to apply our skills to your agricultural challenges, effectively classifying plant diseases, monitoring crop growth, and predicting yields using advanced imaging data.


Our solutions in automated visual inspection are designed to assist in manufacturing, ensuring quality control by rapidly and accurately identifying product defects or anomalies.

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