The Active Learning Tool

Annotate, Train, Correct, Repeat

Harness the Power of Active Learning

Reduce manual effort of image annotation with our smart active learning tool
Upload photos, annotate, train models, and refine them in a continuous loop of improvement until perfection

With Active Learning Reduce effort and time

  • Efficient Annotation

    Just annotate a few images and let our tool do the rest. We automate the annotation process to save you time and effort.

  • Iterative Improvement

    Our model learns and improves with each cycle of training and correction, leading to increasingly accurate predictions.

  • User-Centric Design

    You are in control. Review and correct automatic annotations and retrain the model as needed until you’re fully satisfied with the performance.

How it works


Upload & Annotate

Begin by uploading your data. Start annotating some of them to provide a foundational understanding for the model. Your manual annotations will be used to teach the model about your unique image patterns and expectations


Automate Annotations

Launch the model training with your initial annotations. Post-training, the model will automatically annotate the remaining, non-annotated images based on the learning from the training process.


Review & Refine

Review some of the automated annotations. Correct any inaccuracies. You can then choose to retrain the model with the refined dataset. Repeat this process until you’re satisfied with the model’s performance.

A full suite of tools all band together smoothly

Data Versioning Lake

Efficiently manage and track different versions of your data and annotations

Full Annotation Tool

Annotate your data in a simplified manner, allowing for a significant reduction in manual effort

Monitor Your Trainings

Monitor the progress of your models, track their evolution, and their improvements

Deploy Where You Want

Experience the flexibility of training and deploying your models on your current infrastructure

Take your AI to the next level

Intuitive Training

Seamlessly automate your training process with cutting-edge scripts

Architecture Flexibility

Choose from state-of-the-art architectures tailored to your needs.

Model Version Control

Track and manage model changes effortlessly

Active Monitoring

Proactive model and dataset monitoring with custom alerts

Unveil the Future of Automated Model Training

Performance Metrics

Jointly define critical metrics for optimal model training

Alert Automation

Receive email notifications for training, deployment, and annotation events.

Test Assurance System

Rigorously test models to ensure top-notch performance

Web Command Center

Direct your AI operations from a single-point web interface

Industry Applications

Our active learning tool isn’t limited to a single use case. It’s designed to help various industries simplify their image annotation process, making it faster and more accurate.


In the media industry, our active learning tool streamlines content management and enhances audience engagement analysis by automating image and video categorization and tagging.


From analyzing medical imaging data to recognizing patterns in complex health datasets, our tool can aid healthcare professionals in diagnosing diseases more accurately and quickly.


Our active learning tool can streamline image recognition tasks for retail businesses. Improve product categorization, enhance user recommendations, and enable visual search capabilities on your e-commerce platforms.

Autonomous Vehicles

By helping to accurately label and categorize images, our tool can assist in the development of autonomous driving systems, improving object recognition, and enhancing road safety.


Farmers and agricultural scientists can leverage our tool to classify and recognize plant diseases, monitor crop growth, and even predict yields based on aerial or close-range imaging data.


In the world of manufacturing, our tool can aid in quality control, helping to identify defects or anomalies in products faster and more accurately through automated visual inspection.

“This active learning tool has revolutionized our machine learning workflow. It’s streamlined our annotation process, made model versioning manageable, and improved overall model performance. Highly recommended for any data-focused team!”

Berat Denizdurduran
CEO & CTO of SquareFactory


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