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Securely train and deploy machine learning and AI models, decreasing time-to-market while removing overhead inefficiencies and expensive infrastructure.

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Square Factory supports you at any stage of your AI project


Build your AI models

Access our highly-specialized development, consulting and research services.


Train your models

Get the best of our intuitive and cost-effective platform for training models, iSquare.


Deploy your models

Deploying models has never been as easy, fast and cost effective than with the iSquare SaaS platform.

End-to-end MLOps platform

iSquare is a framework agnostic, modular platform that allows companies to boost their AI performance without the massive up-front investment in talent, systems and computing resources.

iSquare. Deploy.

Instantly and affordably deploy AI models for any application anywhere, at scale.

  • Deploy in hours, not months
    Fast track deployment of AI models into production by automating optimizations and benchmarking.

  • Put your time to better use
    Save up to 25% of a Data Scientist’s time that would otherwise be spent on fixing deployment issues.

  • Make hosting cost flexible and transparent
    Benefit from our Fair Pricing pay-per-second-of-use model, underpinned by an AI-optimized infrastructure.

  • Trigger models at any time
    Get immediate responses thanks to real-time model inference architecture.

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iSquare. Train.

Intuitively and efficiently train machine learning and deep learning models easier, faster and at low costs.

  • Simplify the way you train ML/DL models
    Focus on hyperparameter optimisation;
    not on building DevOps/MLOps pipelines.

  • Speed up the time to results
    Drastically reduce the time to train models, from hours to minutes, by leveraging data and model parallelism.

  • Maximize collaboration and accuracy
    Manage all of your projects, models and collaboration workflows from a unified dashboard.

  • Save up to 70% of costs
    Leverage our purpose-built, high-performance computing infrastructure and pay-per-second-of-use pricing model.

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For data scientists, MLOps engineers and C-level execs alike.For data scientists, MLOps engineers and C-level execs alike.

  • Minimize the risk of your AI investment
  • Unlock benefits from your data and models
  • Improve your strategic flexibility
  • Make cost flexible and transparent.

“iSquare reduced our costs and increased our flexibility. But, most importantly, our business can now scale.“

Timothée Savoy
Co-founder at Datacie

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Use case #1: AI in the pharmaceutical industry

Use case #1: AI in the pharmaceutical industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is rapidly advancing and becoming more integrated into various industries and applications, including the pharmaceutical industry. AI technologies such as natural language processing, computer vision, and time series analysis are making significant progress. It has the ability to process extensive data and detect patterns or trends invisible to humans. Which makes … Continued

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SquareFactory, a Swiss AI as a Service champion, to deliver Alpine Intuition and Cohesive Computing vision

SquareFactory, a Swiss AI as a Service champion, to deliver Alpine Intuition and Cohesive Computing vision

Alpine Intuition and Cohesive Computing today announce that they are merging to create SquareFactory, a full-stack AI-as-a-Service company.

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